Business Financing

Business Financing


We offer financing facilities to suite your business financing requirements ranging from simply purchasing of goods to refinancing your current assets. The following table is a short description of the financing facilities that we offer. 

Use Case
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Trade Financing
Designed to support businesses to fulfill working capital requirement on obtaining stock, our trade financing facility will assist businesses to acquire goods from local and international suppliers.
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General Asset Financing
If you are looking to acquire plant, machinery or equipment for your business, our General asset financing is the most ideal option. Through this facility we offer to finance assets while allowing to pay in instalments over the preferred tenure period.
Vessel Financing
If your business needs involve acquiring of sea going vessels for fishing, cargo, passenger transport or even tourism, our Vessel Financing facility offers the perfect opportunity. 
Project Financing
For financing projects such as real estate, look no further. Our Project Financing facility's has helped multiple businesses complete projects successfully
Asset Refinancing
You can now convert your current loans into a ShariƔh compliant Facility with our Asset Refinancing Facility. You can also unlock equity already invested in an asset or project and create liquidity to be used for planned future projects, with our Sale and Lease Back Financing
SME Asset Financing
Designed to offer financing to small and medium size enterprises to help expand their business and support permanent working capital requirement through acquisition of assets.
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To Consult

To consult with our associates on how our business financing solutions can help you grow drop us an inquiry with you details and one of our specialists will assist you. You can submit an inquiry through our ApplyNow Portal