Quick FAQ on Self Service Banking

Quick FAQ on Self Service Banking

Where is the USD Self Service Banking Center located?

The self Service Banking Center is located next to our Baazaaru Service Center.

What are the Daily Deposit limits on Self Service banking Center

Personal Accounts
  1. MVR 200,000 
  2. USD 12,000
Business Accounts
  1. MVR 500,000
  2. USD 12,000

What are the MVR withdrawal Limits from the Self Service Banking centre?

In general you should be able to withdraw up to MVR 25,000. However if you had given a lower limit during card creation you will be restricted to that limit. You can change your limit easily by sending a request through FaisaNet/FaisaMobile messaging.

What are the limits for USD withdrawal at the Self Service Banking Center?

Customers will only be able to use their VISA Platinum card to withdraw up to USD 1000 per day and USD 5000 per month using our Self Service Banking centre.

What should I do if I face a technical issue at a Self Service Banking Center?

If your transaction did not go through or your money is not deposited/withdrawn as expected you will need to file a dispute, for us to quickly get it rectified. You can contact our CustomerCare Contact Center either from email customercare@mib.com.mv, send a message via FaisaNet or Call to 3325555 submit your request.

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