How to reset Internet Banking password

How to reset Internet Banking password

Customers can use one of the ways below to easily reset their Internet Banking password. 

Self Service Reset

The quickest way to reset your Internet Banking password is through the forgot password option made available on the Login page of FaisaNet and FaisaMobile. You will be required to provide the following details in order to successfully reset your password. 
  1. Username
  2. ID/Passport Number
  3. Account Number
  4. Secret Question and the corresponding answer 
Once these details are given correctly your password will be reset and you will be given the opportunity to enter a new password. 

CustomerCare Bot Guided Reset

This service is available from our website. Click the help button found at the bottom of any page and proceed to the chat section. You will be presented with a visual menu that gives password reset as one of the options. Please pick this option and answer the questions correctly. Once you have completed the bot will proceed to submit the request to our agents and they will review your information. If the answers are correct that your password will be reset. If the answers are wrong then we will proceed to create an appointment for a video call so that we can verify you visually. 

Once the verification successful your password will be reset and a temporary password will be sent to you email 

CustomerCare Agent

Customers can choose to connect with our CustomerCare team through our hotline on 332 5555. While this channel maybe preferred by some customers it is usually takes time as the waiting time is long during peak hours. You will be asked a set of questions which we will use to verify you. Upon successful verification your password will be reset. If we are unable to verify you then you will be given an appointment for a video call so that we can verify you visually. 

Business Customers

Users with only business profiles can proceed to contact your relationship managers to get assistance in verification. If you are unable get in touch with your relationship manager, please send us an email to from the company email registered at the bank and we shall assist you to reset your password and login. 

Ensure to give a complex password which is not used elsewhere. You can use password managers to help you create a strong random password and manage it for you so that you can retrieve it anytime. 

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