Self Register FaisaNet

How to self register for FaisaNet/FaisaMobile

Customers of MIB can self register for Internet Banking from the following sources 

  1. FasiaNet Website.
    1. Please click the following link -->
    2. Enter the following information 
      1. Account Number
      2. Email address (provided to the Bank)
      3. Mobile number (provided to the Bank)
      4. Passphrase (provided to the Bank)
    3. You will be required to submit security questions to help you reset password on your own. Please remember or securely record the questions and answers for future reference
  2. FaisaMobile.
    1. Customers can use the FaisaMobile Mobile application from Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore and proceed with the self registration option 
    2. Enter the required details and submit to register. 

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