Is there a charge for the un-utilised limit of Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

Is there a charge for the un-utilised limit of Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

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    • Why choose Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

      Why Choose Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun for your Consumer and Lifestyle financing needs Flexible tenure option between 18 to 60 months Provides the highest financing limit in the market for average salaried persons You will not be charged for un-utilised ...
    • Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

      Enhancements to Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun We have recently enhanced this facility with the following improvements. To learn more please visit our webpage for this product Finance upto MVR 700,000 Fix Payment Period between 18 months to 60 months Guarantor ...
    • How many quotations can be submitted at a time with Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

      There was no specific amount or number of shops to submit quotations. However, if the limit is used up, the quotation submitted to bank must be over MVR 15,000 per quotation.
    • Estimating Ujaalaa Financing Limits

      You can estimate your ujaalaa financing credit limits by using the following table
    • Can i send someone else to collect the goods purchased under Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun?

      Yes, goods can be collected by a third-party. You are required to submit a handover letter via email to Key Points 1. Handover letter should be in the given format. 2. Handover letter has to be signed by the applicant. 3. ...