How long does it take to open a business account in MIB ?

How long does it take to open a business account in MIB ?

Step 1: Getting the application filled and collecting all the necessary documentation. 

Forms required
1. Account Opening application for businesses 
2. Information Form for the company 
3. Information Form for all the Directors and Company Secretary
Documents required
The documents required vary between the types of the company or organisation. We have prepared an exhaustive list on your website which you can follow 

Step 2: Getting Help and Guidance

Once you have gathered all the documents please send us an email to the below mentioned account with the filled drafts and the required documents as per the list. 
For help on account opening send email to
Do not sign the applications until we check the drafts and give you feedback

Step 3: Submitting Application and Opening Account

Once your application is in order our associate with instruct you on how you can submit the signed application and the documents. Once they have been verified our account opening team will call you to come and provide signatures and do physical verification. 

Always use electronically fillable forms. The chances of making errors are reduced and making amendments are easier
Do not sign the applications until our associates instruct you to do so. Changes and amendments will mean more signatures. 
The entire journey of business account opening takes a while due to complexities related to forms as well as getting the required documentation in order. Therefore please make sure you start the process with ample time ahead.

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