Requirements for sending a TT

Requirements for sending a TT



  1. Beneficiary’s proforma invoice/Quotation in Company letter hear with the following details
  2. Currency and amount
  3. The cost per unit of the product (IF applicable)
  4. Details of the products/services
  5. port of loading and Port of Discharge )Bill of loading/Airway Bill relating to the shipment accepted)
  6. Full name, complete address and contact information of the beneficiary
  7. Signature (Name and Designation of Signatory) with company stamp (For computer generated invoices applicant endorsement required)
Must have a USD account
Note: Invoice should be drawn in the name of Applicant. Third party invoices not accepted. Any Discrepancies between beneficiary and payee details must be supported by proof of relation


  1. Students’ Acceptance or placement / Invoice
  2. Copy of student ID card / Passport
  3. Can use MVR account


  1. Doctor or Hospitals’ reference Letter/ Invoice
  2. Copy Patients’ ID card / Passport
  3. Must have a USD account

  4. Copy of Work Permit / Visa (Sender)
  5. Copy of Passport (Sender)
  6. Copy of ID / Passport (Receiver)
  7. Must have a USD account


  1. 0 - 1000 USD -- $7
  2. 1000 - 3000 USD -- $15
  3. 3000 - 5000 USD -- $25
  4. USD 5000 above -- 0.5% of the amount being transferred.

Swift Charge -- $15
Foreign Bank Charge -- $20

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