Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

Enhancements to Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

We have recently enhanced this facility with the following improvements. To learn more please visit our webpage for this product

  1. Finance upto MVR 700,000
  2. Fix Payment Period between 18 months to 60 months
  3. Guarantor is NOT required
  4. Early settlement from 12 months onwards

About Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

Also known as UDF this this facility provides customers with consumer or lifestyle financing. Primarily designed for salaried person taking this facility requires you to be employed with one of the partner employers of the bank or is a rental income earner.  To learn more about this product please this link Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

How to apply?

  1. You can now submit your Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun online through ApplyNow Portal 
  2. If you are not a MIB account holder, you can submit your account opening application online as well. 
If you have opened an account some time ago and have not been actively using your account it maybe dormant. Or may require an update of your information. You can update your information by visiting ApplyNow Portal or visiting one of our branches or service centres. 

What happens after you apply

Once you have applied with all the required documents your application goes through several stages before a limit is assigned to you. They are
  1. Application verification and eligibility check
  2. Evaluation and determination of limit 
  3. Agreement Signing 
  4. Establishment of Ujaalaa Limit 

How do you check the status of the application?

You can check the status of all your application by visiting ApplyNow Portal. When the status of your application changes or your attention is required for something our system will send you a SMS and an Email alerting you. These messages will be sent to the Mobile Phone number and Email Address registered at the Bank under your account. 

Please note that the information available from the Portal is the latest information that is available on your application. 

How long does it take?

There are two stages to this. 
  1. Assignment of Ujaalaa Limit. This stage requires a period between 7 to 10 working days. 
  2. Utilisation of Limit. Once your limit has been approved you can submit your quotes and take delivery of the goods the same day. 
Please take note of the various cut off times for each business day 

How to get the goods

Once you have been given a Ujaalaa Limit then you can proceed to submit your quotations for limit utilization. You can submit your quotations to ApplyNow Portal as well. All applications submitted prior to the cut off time will be processed on the same day and you will be able to take delivery of the goods on the same day.