Ujaalaa Hiya

Ujaalaa Hiya

About Ujaalaa Hiya

Ujaalaa Hiya is the home financing facility that is offered by MIB. Customers can use this facility to purchase homes, apartments and flats that are currently under construction or is ready to move in. You can learn more by clicking here. Ujaalaa Hiya

How to Apply

We have outlines of the customer journey below 

  • Making a booking with the Seller
  • Submission of the application form. You can submit the application form online through ApplyNow Portal
  • Signing of the agreement once facility is approved
  • Paying the equity component to the seller. Customers are required to make an upfront payment of 20% of the property value as their equity contribution. In addition to personal funds you can also collateralize your pension fund balance. You can check your available amount from MPAO. 
  • Receiving the keys/access to the premises.
  • Mortgaging after completion of the registration process
You will be able to check the amount available for collateralization from the MPAO mobile application or from their website


  • Age of all the applicants must be between 18 and 60
  • Must be employed (permanent job) or receive rental income regularly
  • The monthly payments (inclusive of all other outstanding loans and facilities to all other financial institutions) should not exceed 50% of the cumulative monthly income


The maximum tenure period is 20 years on the precondition that the applicant and the co applicants are below 65 years of age during the tenure period.