All about ApplyNow Portal

All about ApplyNow Portal

ApplyNow Portal the Bank's digital application portal designed assist current and future customers to submit applications to the bank. You can submit your applications as a Guest or a registered. 


There are currently 2 login methods that you can use to sign in.

  1. OTP Method: You can use your mobile phone or email address together with your ID to login. Current customers will need use the phone / email that is registered with the bank to get their OTP and they will be taken to Customer Dashboard. 
  2. Efaas: You can use efaas login. Efaas is a national digital identity system of Maldives. Similar to the OTP method, current customers will be taken to the customer dashboard. 
Customers whose email and phone number on efaas is different to those that are provided to the Bank, will be pushed to update their KYC before they can proceed. This is a security measure to protect to protect you.

Guest Services

The following catagory of services are available for guests. 
  1. Individual Account Opening for new customers 
  2. Business Account Opening
  3. Ujaalaa Financing (Dhiriulhun, Hiya and Ulhandhu)
  4. Consultancy services for account opening, financing and e-banking service for businesses 
  5. E-Banking application submission for payment services. 

Tracking your application

Once you have submitted your application it can be tracked through the status check tab. With this you will be able to respond to various change requests sent by the processing staff without having to make multiple applications.

You will also be able to see the various messages that were sent to you via email and sms and send messages to the bank regarding the particular application. (feature coming soon!)

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