What is LoungeKey

What is LoungeKey

What is Loungekey?

Platinum card will give access to over 1,000 lounges under the lounge key program all over the world. Customer has to show the card and will be provided access.

Who pays for the lounge services?

The membership subscription is complimentary from us. Customer are required to pay for the use and services of the lounge only.

How to check the lounges and offers in the program

Download the Loungekey app. You will be able to register for free as the bank has already paid for the registration. To check the validity of the card and for security reasons Loungkey will charge USD 1 to your account and reverse it.

Quick FAQ on Visa Platinum Card

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    • What benefits would I receive through a platinum card?

      Highlights Accepted Globally your VISA Platinum Debit Card is your key to travel with the ease of mind knowing you have access to your funds anytime anywhere while its' safe and secure in your account. Flexible limits means that you can determine ...
    • Quick FAQ on Visa Platinum Card

      How do I get a Visa Platinum card? You can apply from the apply now portal or submit an application form at one of our branch and distribution centres. Please note that Visa Platinum Card is only available for USD accountholders. Can I send someone ...
    • What are the limits for VISA Platinum Debit Card

      Limits for making payments Local Use Overseas Use MVR Terminal USD Terminal Trn Vol Trn Vol POS Pin Based - ALL Daily 50 200,000 30 10,000 Monthly 300 500,000 300 20,000 Per/ Trn 0 200,000 0 4,000 POS Contactless - ALL Daily 10 1,000 10 100 Monthly ...
    • What is the difference between Visa instant card and personalized card?

      The difference between the Instant card from our VISA everyday card is the absence of owner's name being printed on the personalized card.
    • How to reset Card PIN? 

      Easily manage your card using Faisanet. Navigate to card management and change your PIN. You can also Request via email customercare@mib.com.mv Request via Internet Banking messaging / chat or Via website Call CustomerCare at +960 332 5555